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systems for water treatment

Established ten years ago, under the will of the associates of Movengineering and Princo, Filterpar is a research and development company in the field of water treatments, particularly in the separation processes.
Well known all over the world, the company has a central role in the exchange processes between water used by men and water in the ecosystem.
The company has built and extended its know-how, realizing and managing several industrial plants, becoming a landmark for firms that look for innovative solutions in water treatment field.

Filterpar operates in the following fields:

  • water treatment for industrial use;
  • water purification;
  • separation processes on refluent water and recycle of drained water.



The firm produces and sells worldwide separation equipment, among which:

  • Diaset - Diaphragm settlers
  • Masfilt - Mass Filters
  • Flamec Filter - Micro and ultra filtration filters with permeation under pressure
  • Revos - Reverse osmosis systems

Among the separation processes realized by Filterpar there is a Flamec Filter, a module of ultra and micro filtration with polymeric flat membrane, realized industrializing a patent owned by DOW Denmark AS and granted in exclusive.
Thanks to the partnership with the sister companies Movengineering and Princo, Filterpar today is able to realize complete turn-key plants for water treatment for every need.

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