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REVOS Reverse Osmosis Unit

reverse osmosi

Revos are water treatment units with Reverse Osmosis process, mounted on skid with capacities up to 30 m³/h. The Revos units can be positioned in equipped containers upon request (dimensions: 20-40 ft).

The Revos units can be equipped with vessels suitable to contain from 1 to 6 membrane modules with the following diameter:

  • 2,5 inches
  • 4 inches
  • 8 inches

Filterpar designs and realizes singularly each Revos unit according to the customer needs and the running conditions required.
Revos units are singularly dimensioned with the aid of a specific SFW according to the feeding water characteristics – salinity, turbidity, SDI (Silt Density Index) – and to the parameters of the permeate capacity and conductivity.

Being mounted on skid, the Revos units can be moved completely disassembled and installed in special containers equipped for their management.



  • No chemical products are used.
  • It does not pollute.
  • Running guarantee for long time.
  • Low running costs.
  • Easy installation with limited space occupied.
  • Permeate with constant quality and low salinity values (<10 µS/cm).

advantages and application areas

Application purposes
Revos is the perfect unit to produce good purity waters with the following characteristics:

  • Low saline content;
  • low organic substances content;
  • void of inorganic molecular aggregates (colloids);
  • void of microbiological charge;

Application fields

  • Preparation of feeding waters for industrial processes with the following characteristics:
  • low saline content;
  • devoid of bacteriological charge,
  • devoid of colloids.
  • Desalinisation of brackish or sea waters for potable and industrial uses.
  • Purification of industrial waste waters.
  • Recovery of outlet waters from depuration plants with activated mud.

Thanks to the solid partnership with the sister companies Movengineering S.r.l. and Princo S.r.l., Filterpar is able to realize complete water systems turnkey plants.

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