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Hypox® is an innovative process designed and patented by Movengineering for a deep removal of organic substances, polymers, gels and carbon residuals from any kind of metallic components both delicate and rough.

It is the ideal system for the cleaning of any kind or metallic part, even in alluminium, such as:

  • completely assembled filter housings;
  • filter elements realized with any kind of filter media: filter mesh, fiber media, metallic powder media and sintered media;
  • spin packs and spinnerets for synthetic fibers;
  • gear pumps;
  • components for polymer extrusion, pipes and manifolds;
  • moulds, hot runner plates;
  • heat exchangers;
  • static mixer.

The Hypox® system guarantees a safe and efficacious cleaning, without the use of solvents or chemical substances; it can be installed in any environment and its functioning is completely automatic.
According to the typology of pieces to be cleaned, the Hypox® system is available in two models:
  • with horizontal axis cleaning chamber;
  • with vertical axis cleaning chamber;


system with horizontal cleaning chamber


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system with vertical cleaning chamber


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Hypox Mini

system for small components


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system for very long components


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