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production HYPOX filter

HYPOX® Filter is a continuous filter, composed by two filter housings, fixed and connected through diverter valves and equipped for cleaning at site.

The HYPOX® process guarantees the total polymer removing, not only from the filter housings and filter elements, but also from the conduits between the housings and the diverters, without having to remove the bundle, dirty of polymer, from the filter housing,

Technical features:

  • Filtration area: up to 102 sq.m;
  • Two fixed filter housings connected by slide diverter valves;
  • Independent heating system for each filter housing;
  • Direct and integral jacketing system (the jacket covers the 100% of the filter housing and of the connection ducts);
  • the jacket is applied directly on the external surface of the filter housing;
  • cleaning in-situ by means of the HYPOX® process;

  • No contamination of the final product, thanks to the perfect cleaning of candles, filter housings, polymer ducts and diverter channels;
  • No manual handling of hot filter housings caked with polymer;
  • Substitution and starting of the cleaning cycle carried out by one single operator. The cleaning cycle is fully automatic;
  • Minimization of the negative effects of the residence time on the polymer, thanks to an independent heating system, with direct jacketing.
  • Safe and efficacious cleaning of the filter elements and their longer life;

HYPOX® Filter can be installed also in dangerous areas.

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