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Princo is a sister company of Movengineering and is specialized in the realization of plants for the production of no touch quality mono- and multifilament yarn in PA6, PA6.6, PP, PET and PBT, that means a production that does not require any manual handling of yarn bobbins.

In fact the production is based on the following processes:
  • POY - Pre Oriented Yarn, parallel winding and godet less process for mono- and multifilament;
  • FOY – Full Oriented Yarn, godet less;
  • FDY - Full Oriented Yarn, process with two drawn fields and one relaxation field.
  • BCF- Bulk Continuous Filament (yarn for carpets)

The modular units are assembled in Princo workshop, reducing the assembling times at customer’s site. The building required for the installation of the spinning plant is an empty structure without intermediate levels; inside it, it will be positioned the planking of the plant.

The lines are designed to be associated to the winders supplied by primary producing firms. Each spinning position is equipped with single independent motorization and , with the same raw material, they can be produced yarns with different titles.

Spinning plant

spinning plant


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