In order to optimize the energetic consumptions and to avoid that the air conditioning and treatment system, combined with cooling circuits, could generate an energy demand equal to 40รท60% of that absorbed by the whole production plant, we have set up an integration project based on:
integration of the spinning air conditioning plant with oil mist and monomer suction systems to minimize the contamination and dispersion of thermal energy in the environment
reduction in air volume introduced in winder rooms and sent to quenching sections at the mini-mum necessary level for a good progress of the process
minimization in the energy consumption for the air conditioning cooling, obtained by the contin-uous comparison between the enthalpy values of external and incoming air, mixing them in op-timal way. With this system it is possible to obtain the reduction in electrical energy request up to 25% compared to conventional plants, and also to restrain the air contamination in spinning rooms to values in line with what foreseen by the most restricted rules
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